Sapna Choudhary Kasoota Pajama Kurta Video New Sapna Harvanvi Dance
Sapna Choudhary Kasoota Pajama Kurta Video ~ New Sapna Harvanvi Dance
June 21, 2018
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Sapna Choudhary Dancer Biography- Sapna Choudhary Wiki Data
July 4, 2018

Sapna Choudhary Daud ki Chhori | Sapna New Stage Song

Daud ki Chhori- Sapna Choudhary Video download

Sapna Choudhary Video download- Sonotek Video Entertainment Channel in collaboration with Sapna Choudhary has released another hot Sapna Choudhary song 2018. This new Haryanvi Video song is trending on the popular video streaming channel, i.e. YouTube. Daud Ki Chhori song has gained more than 12 Million views on YouTube in less than 2 months. The Haryanvi dancer is looking extremely beautiful performing on the stage in her White Saree. The audience loved her new avatar very much. You can watch the Stage dance video below.

Sapna Choudhary Video Download 2018 – Daud ki Chhori | Farista

This Video song 2018 starts by Sapna Choudhary standing on the stage in her white saree showing her dance moves. The lyrics of this Sapna Choudhary Song 2018 starts with: Lahore me vi chale se tere Charche, Afghan me bhi chapan lage se parche. U siddha sadha balak inkar kare se, tu Bandook dikhake mene pyaar kare se. The punch line of the song is Kade unhe marvave, kade unhe pitvave, ke Daud ki Chhori se…  

This Sapna Choudhary Dance is also famous due to its fantastic Night Show. Yes, this is one of the rare time when Sapna Choudhary has performed and recorded a video with Sonotek Video Channel at the Night time. However, this turns out to be a mind-blowing experiment as Sapna’s Fan loves it. Moreover, the white Saree which Sapna is wearing is giving her more magnificent look.

It is also important to know that this is the first time that Sapna Choudhary has collaborated with Maina Haryanvi. You all can also watch a person wearing Black Shirt following Sapna during her entire Daud ki Chorri stage show.

Sapna Choudhary Daud Ki Chhori Video Lyrics in Hindi

लाहौर में वि चले से तेरे चर्चे ,
अफ़ग़ान में वि छपन लगे से पर्चे ,

यु सीधा साधा बालक इंकार करे से ,
तू बन्दूक दिखाके मने प्यार करे से ,

बायीं लेरी से कटे तू लादेन वर्गा ,
कटे गुंडे घरा की होरी से ,

कदे उन्हें मरवावे , कड़े उन्हें पिटवावे ,
के दाऊद की छोरी से।

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