Sapna Choudhary New Video- Sapna Choudhary Tere Thumke in Nanu ki Jannu
Sapna Choudhary New Video- Sapna Choudhary Tere Thumke in Nanu ki Jannu
August 9, 2018
sapna choudhary death news
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December 30, 2018

Sapna Choudhary Net Worth Stage Dance Income

Sapna choudhary net worth income

Sapna Choudhary Net Worth Stage Dance Income: Hello everyone!! Today, we are going to disclose another fact about Sapna Choudhary. We will impart the official information about Sapna Choudhary net worth, monthly income and income from stage dances. We will also let you know per performance income and charges that Sapna dancer gets by performing Haryanvi stage dance/Sapna’s per show income. All the info about the Ragni Singer and dancer’s Net Worth is being given in the subsequent paragraphs.

Sapna Choudhary Salary/Monthly Income: It has been disclosed that Sapna Choudhary per show income is somewhere between Rs.1 lakh to Rs.4.5 lakhs. Yes, the Haryanvi singer/dancer charges this much amount depending upon the number of songs to be performed. As per Sapna Choudhary Wiki info, the Haryanvi dancer earns a monthly income of Rs.10-15 lakhs. The majority of the salary she gets from performing stage dance and ragni songs. More details about Sapna Choudhary net worth, income, house, history, lifestyle, cars etc are given below.

Sapna Choudhary Net Worth, Income source, House

As per the official reports, Sapna earns the majority of her income from the Stage show. However, recently the Haryanvi star has also entered into the Bollywood film industry where she performs item songs. She has been featured in Nanu ki Jaanu movie (Tere Thumke song) and in Veery ki Wedding (Hatt Ja Tau song) also. She charges around Rs.50 lakhs for performing one item song in Bollywood films. Below are some of the recently asked questions about Sapna Chaudhary.

Q. How much do Sapna Charges for one stage show? What is Sapna Choudhary booking price?
A. Rs.1 lakh to Rs.4.5 lakhs depending upon the requirement and number of hours of the Stage performance

Q. How much is Sapna’s income?
A. Sapna Choudhary monthly income is around Rs.10-15 lakhs

Q. Where is Sapna Choudhary house?
A. It has been informed that the Haryanvi dancer and singer have a number of Houses but she lives in Haryana.

About Sapna Chaudhary cars
Sapna has a great love towards cards.  As per Sapna Choudhary Wikipedia, She owns a number of luxurious cars including Thar and Fortuner. She recently added the king of SUV Toyota Fortuner to her luxury Lifestyle.

Sapna Chowdhary Stage Show Booking

For all the people who want to book the Haryanvi dancer Sapna Choudhary for performing stage shows or Ragini songs, they can contact her manager. The official Sapna Choudhary phone numbers, contact details and social media handle is being given at this page- Click here to get Sapna Choudhary Contact Number

Also, watch Sapna Choudhary New Dance video 2018- Tere Bol Raseele song.

Sapna New Dance Video 2018- Tere Bol Raseele


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